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CHAPS3- ((3-Cholamidopropyl)dimethylammonio)-1-Propanesulfonic Acid
CHAPSClearing House Automated Payment System
CHAPSColoured Horse and Pony Society (UK)
CHAPSCommunity Hubs and Partnerships (Queensland, Australia)
CHAPSCommunity HIV and AIDS Prevention Strategy
CHAPSChinook Horseman's Association Performance Series
CHAPSClimatic Heat Aircraft Protective System
CHAPSChemistry Annual Meeting for Project Support
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Aye, among some of us old sailor chaps, he goes by that name.
It's true, the Monsons will give me connections, and connections are almost--not quite--as good as money to get a chap along with--but, the d l of the matter is, that connections eat and drink.
We pulled up at the beginning of the line, and pacified them, and we're never going to carry no more pea-shooters, unless they promises not to fire where there's a line of Irish chaps a-stonebreaking." The guard stopped and pulled away at his cheroot, regarding Tom benignantly the while.
"Dead chap back there wants burying," he said, jerking a thumb over his shoulder.
But a fortni't ago I'd a rare bit o' luck,--I allays thought I was a lucky chap, for I niver set a trap but what I catched something; but this wasn't trap, it was a fire i' Torry's mill, an' I doused it, else it 'ud set th' oil alight, an' the genelman gen me ten suvreigns; he gen me 'em himself last week.
'Take care,' said Mr Willet, not at all grateful for the compliment, 'that I don't tackle you, sir, which I shall certainly endeavour to do, if you interrupt me when I'm making observations.-- That chap, I was a saying, though he has all his faculties about him, somewheres or another, bottled up and corked down, has no more imagination than Barnaby has.
He was a good chap at his work, I believe, but he was a crank.
That chap was obviously listening intently to the conversation.
An' I says, `Could a delicate chap make himself stronger with 'em, Bob?' an' he laughed an' says, 'Art tha' th' delicate chap?' an' I says, `No, but I knows a young gentleman that's gettin' well of a long illness an' I wish I knowed some o' them tricks to tell him about.' I didn't say no names an, he didn't ask none.
You're right, old chap! When I got acquainted with your sister, it were the talk how she was bringing you up by hand.
After all, then, the old chap had some grit in him.
"You recollect, down to the south'ard last year, a chap named Hawkins was lost in his whaleboat running the Arli Passage?" Haggin, returning along the deck, nodded.