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CHARACenter for High Angular Resolution Astronomy
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I have known Chara and her friends for a long time.
Chara myosin has a long neck with six IQ motifs, like myosin V.
Chara sat out yesterday's practice in Wilmington, but told The Boston Globe he was feeling "better than I expected." He said he was not resigned to taking a full week off, adding: "The plan is to take it a day at a time.
CHARA may have closed the books on the Vega mystery, but it has thrown stellar models for a loop regarding red dwarfs--small, cool, dim stars that comprise about three-fourths of the stars in our galaxy.
The Mail Chara Koubo service kicked off the first week of December by promoting four of Casio's camera keitai models.
Matt Chmura, the B's director of communications (and a Holy Cross alum), stood guard next to Chara and reminded everyone that "Z has already answered all the questions about the Pacioretty hit."
Pacioretty was "upset and disgusted" with Chara skating away punishment-free.
Chara was given a major penalty for interference and a game misconduct, but NHL vice president Mike Murphy said yesterday there won't be a suspension.
The three-goal game was Chara's first in 13 NHL seasons and 892 games, and just the fourth by a Bruins defenseman.
"I'm very proud to be a Bruin," Chara said after yesterday's 5-2 loss to Phoenix.
Chara downplays his cycling ability, but the Slovakian defenseman has been riding for 20 years, logs a lot of miles in the offseason, and competes in road races and triathlons.
According to police, Niakapra police station intercepted one Shaukat near Pull Sunyarian and recovered 1.225-kg charas from him.