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CHARACenter for High Angular Resolution Astronomy
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Iginla, playing with a splint on his dislocated left ring finger, and David Krejci had assists on both Chara goals.
Chara myosin has a long neck with six IQ motifs, like myosin V.
CHARA may have closed the books on the Vega mystery, but it has thrown stellar models for a loop regarding red dwarfs--small, cool, dim stars that comprise about three-fourths of the stars in our galaxy.
Mail Chara Koubo isn't the only animated system out there, of course -- though it is the first to customize personal photos with characters.
Chara sat out yesterday's practice in Wilmington, but told The Boston Globe he was feeling "better than I expected.
McAlister chose Mount Wilson for the CHARA telescopes because atmospheric conditions provide the finest viewing in North America.
Matt Chmura, the B's director of communications (and a Holy Cross alum), stood guard next to Chara and reminded everyone that "Z has already answered all the questions about the Pacioretty hit.
The CHARA Project is designed to utilize an innovative and new "Interferometric" technique for studying planetary systems at stellar distances (light years away from earth).
While all of Montreal and much of Canada remains infuriated in the wake of the hit and nonsuspension, Chara returned to the comfort of home last night.
Chara was given a major penalty for interference and a game misconduct, but NHL vice president Mike Murphy said yesterday there won't be a suspension.
Chara made it 3-0 with a power-play goal against backup Justin Peters with 4:02 left in the first period.
The good news for the Bruins, aside from the fact that it lessens their negotiating load next summer, is that they got Bergeron and Chara for short money - relatively speaking, anyway.