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CHARADECombining Human Assessment and Reasoning Aids for Decision-Making in Environmental Emergencies
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This charade!If I had studied a twelvemonth, I could never have made any thing like it."
"I do think it is, without exception, the best charade I ever read."
Miss Woodhouse, what a pity that I must not write this beautiful charade into my book!
But take it away, and all appropriation ceases, and a very pretty gallant charade remains, fit for any collection.
But here is my father coming: you will not object to my reading the charade to him.
"My dear Harriet, you must not refine too much upon this charade.You will betray your feelings improperly, if you are too conscious and too quick, and appear to affix more meaning, or even quite all the meaning which may be affixed to it.
Rawdon Crawley, who is going to act in the charade, comes forward and compliments Mrs.
The three syllables of this charade were to be depicted in pantomime, and the performance took place in the following wise:
Where was the beautiful black-eyed Houri whose appearance in the first charade had caused such delight?
At this time the amiable amusement of acting charades had come among us from France, and was considerably in vogue in this country, enabling the many ladies amongst us who had beauty to display their charms, and the fewer number who had cleverness to exhibit their wit.
What charade Colonel Dent and his party played, what word they chose, how they acquitted themselves, I no longer remember; but I still see the consultation which followed each scene: I see Mr.
I wondered what they were going to do the first evening a change of entertainment was proposed: they spoke of "playing charades," but in my ignorance I did not understand the term.