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CHARISChristian Homeschool Association for Renewal Inspiration and Support (Texas)
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Raised by an unbalanced single mother who eventually went mad, Charis (whose name was then Karen) spent a few formative months on a farm with her grandmother, a woman of few words and supernatural healing powers.
To make up the lost income, Charis searched for work near home--but found the Palmdale job market impossible.
Titanic Foundation want to create a recreation and learning space in the heart of Belfast's Titanic Quarter, while Charis Integrated Cancer Care, based near Cookstown, would use the grant to develop activities for cancer victims and their families.
Charis reckons if your paint has a nice finish you can usually get away without varnish.
Silver: Paul Britton, junior level two boys floor, junior level two overall; Matthew Williams, level one boys floor, level one boys overall; Michaela Sandy, junior bronze overall; Danielle Linton, junior gold vault, junior gold overall; Neha Coelho, junior bronze floor; Charis Britton, junior silver floor; Sian Russell, senior bronze floor.
Matt Clarke at the controls of a Thomas Cook Airlines' plane alongside his co-pilot wife Charis
Charis lives in East Boldon, South Tyneside, with mum Lesley, 55, a principal lecturer in contemporary dance and performance art at Sunderland University, and dad Alan, 56, the deputy head at nearby Farringdon School.
Head of the Charis Initiative professor Donald Muir commented: "If you want help to solve problems with production or guidance in taking a food product from concept to production, that kind of resource has not been readily available in Scotland -- until now.
General Hisp/Lat Charis CTA ECC Community, friendship 51% 30% 28% 35% 46% Social support friends 27% 12% 21% 26% 9% Outreach Meaning of life 0 5% 4% 0 0
The author clearly deserves some sort of medal for journalistic bravery simply for enduring two years with the likes of dreary Smart Eizenstat; capital-gains preacher CharIs Walker and his underling, Mark Bloomfield; Maglev railway fanatic Wayne Thevenot; good-time Bobby Juliano, champion of the three-martini-lunch; and truckers' lobbyist Tom Donohue, who devotes his working life to battling excise taxes on diesel fuel.
ITS Corporation (ITS) today announced the acquisition of Charis Corporation, a company that specializes in environmental science, engineering and program management services required by government and commercial customers.
Speaking outside the court, Mr O'Byrne's sister Charis said a "gaping hole" had been left in their family.