CHARLEEChildren Have All Rights Legal Educational and Emotional
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When he first came to the Tones family at 13, he was another troubled teen in their therapeutic foster home run by CHARLEE.
At the adoption celebration, Allegra gave Luis this framed letter from the folks at the CHARLEE Program:
We want you to know that Bobby and Yvonne are your parents, but the entire CHARLEE Program is your family.
Your whole CHARLEE family is extremely proud of you.
Despite the hardships they faced growing up, the girls can be considered success stories, thanks to the CHARLEE program (Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational, Emotional) and the PACE Center for Girls.
Carmesha and Lourdes are both products of the CHARLEE program, which was featured in the April 1 Bar News.
The two girls from the CHARLEE program, who appeared at the National Consortium meeting with Fran Allegra, the general counsel of CHARLEE of Dade County, both started the program at the Gladstone Center for Girls.
CHARLEE ADAMS 5 Tough debut for Birmingham City kid with team as a whole underperforming.
Something as a simple as supplying a crib can make all the difference in whether a foster child is allowed to return home," says Frances Allegra, general counsel of CHARLEE OF Dade County.
That's why the folks at CHARLEE (Children Have All Rights.
This innovative public/private partnership between corporate America and the child welfare system was celebrated in Miami March 9, with the grand opening ceremony of the CHARLEE Children's Depot that drew 350 people, including 100 from Office Depot's South Florida Corporate Headquarters.
THE CORAL GABLES BAR ASSOCIATION recently invited its members to celebrate the holiday season by contributing unwrapped toys and a donation of $500 to CHARLEE.