CHARMECChalmers Railway Mechanics
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Normet also displayed the Himec RM T 125, which can be modified to a Charmec charging systems by adding an ANFO or emulsion explosive charging unit.
Three Charmecs and a Scamec 1000 (scaler) have been sold to IMMSA for its Santa Barbara zinc/ copper operations.
Normet said its modular and mass customized Charmec SF, MF and MC, and LF and LC models are designed for easy upgrades during a machine's lifetime.
The fully mechanized Charmec MF for up-hole loading comes with a robotic boom equipped with a hose reel and hose feeding kits, and space for 10 or 16 mt of emulsion or ANFO tanks and pumping systems.
The most advanced Charmec systems include the LC 605 VE fully integrated emulsion charger, which uses Normet's NorSmart electronic control system to control emulsion charging and the pumping process, along with other machine functions.
The Charmec MF 605 D is equipped with a NBB 3XS boom, carrying a two-person-capacity basket and providing a lifting capacity of 500 kg, that is specially designed for charging work in stopes.
Accordingly, the Charmec MF 605 D can turn a 90[degrees] corner in 14-ft-wide (4.2-m) tunnels.
The Charmec is a special vehicle for easy and safe explosive loading.
The Charmec can be fitted with different lifting devices, making it suitable for all stoping methods.
Charmec is a special vehicle for safe and easy charging.