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CHARSComprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System (Washington)
CHARSCustomer Hierarchy And Reporting System
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'By stabilising chars, constructing climate-resilient infrastructure, providing legal land titles to poor women and men, and investing in productive livelihoods, this transformative project will substantially reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth at scale," said Omer Zafar, IFAD's Country Director for Bangladesh.
Cull sheep: 589 entries, av PS54.24; Tex ewes to PS130; Suffewes to PS130; Char ewes to PS120; Xbred ewes to PS120; Mule ewes to PS90; Large Welsh ewes to PS56; Smaller Welsh ewes to PS42; Tex rams to PS120; Welsh rams to PS76.
Caption: Figure 4: Plot of reduction degree of pellets blended with different biomass chars at 1200[degrees]C against time.
The effect of the catalytic and cracking of lignite pyrolysis char in tar is best when the heating rate, the pyrolysis temperature, the volatiles of pyrolysis char, particle size is in specific conditions.(2) The activation of pyrolysis char can improve the catalytic effect of pyrolysis char on the tar cracking.
Surface Morphology of Chars. Figure 2 shows the SEM images of the raw coconut shell and those of the derived chars prepared at different carbonization temperatures of 250, 350, 450, and 550[degrees]C.
The char formed after UL-94 test was first sputter-coated with a conductive layer, and then its surface morphology was observed by a scanning electron microscopy (Model JSM-7500F, Japan).
It was found that the fire protection and char structure of the coating was significantly improved by adding 7% EV (by mass) into the coating.
Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) have a circumpolar distribution and are the most northerly distributed species of freshwater fish (Scott and Crossman, 1973).
Table 2 shows the volatile matter (dry basis, db), ash content (db) and volatile liberation percentage (db) of chars obtained at the devolatilization temperatures and time used in this work.