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CHARTAChesapeake Area Recreational Therapy Association (Washington, DC)
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Programwide CE (PWCE) is provided by Citibank in the form of an irrevocable LOC and sized to be at least 8% (CAFCO and CIESCO) and 10% of (CHARTA and CRC's) outstanding capital with a fixed minimum of $200 million for each program.
(45) During the Revolutionary era, Magna Charta took on new
Coke provides the gloss: 'neither the king, nor any of his baylies, or ministers, shall take the wood of any other'-'nec alii boscum'-'for the kings castles, or other necessaries to be done, but by the license of him whose wood it is' (Coke on Magna Charta, 35).
(42) 'Magna Charta 1556 Totclum, R.', Reference Catalogue of the Library of His Lordship Dr.
Im Bereich des Minderheitenschutzes verdienen zwei Vertrage des Europarats besondere Aufmerksamkeit, die Europaische Charta der Regionalund Minderheitensprachen und das Rahmenubereinkommen zum Schutz nationaler Minderheiten.
Talking to media on the launching ceremony of his new film, "Charta Khanan, Charta Malangan", he said that a significant improvement in Pashtu film making has been witnessed despite the unavailability of any support from the quarters concerned.
Quite paradoxically, its main ideas such as "greenery, air, light" and a zonal arrangement of the city into "work, dwelling, [and] leisure" areas did not originate in The Communist Manifesto or the program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union but derived from the Charta of Athens, adopted by the Congress of Modern Architecture (CLAM) in 1933.
The Magna Charta of environmental legislation: A historical look at 30 years of NEPA-Forest Service litigation.
In 1988, Andreas Papandreou pushed for a European Social Charta, which only a year later was passed under the French EU presidency.
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