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CHARTSChildren Have a Right to Support! (Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services)
CHARTSCommunity Health Assessment Resource Tool Set (Florida)
CHARTSCompact Hydrographic Airborne Rapid Total Survey
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. By that circular, it appears that precisely such a chart is in course of completion; and portions of it are presented in the circular.
The Victoria passed near to a village which the doctor found marked upon his chart as Kaole.
"Here's Mangareva," the captain said, bending over the table and pointing to a black speck in the midst of the white blankness of the chart. "And here, in between, is another island.
Again they went into the cabin to consult the big general chart; but the poisonous vapors drove them coughing and gasping on deck.
Alone I had thought of it, and alone I had done it; and here was the chart which would save us a month's blind groping among unknown dangers.
Malone" (I cannot help quoting the words), "we have got our chart, our one and only immediate duty is to get ourselves safe and sound out of this awful place."
You remember that we saw the name upon the chart in Captain Morstan's possession.
Now, only one white man's name is on the chart. The others are Hindoos or Mohammedans.
and 72@ 15' long., struck on her starboard quarter a rock, marked in no chart for that part of the sea.
"And the chart is there as a proof," added Planchet, who went to fetch from the neighboring wall, where it was suspended by a twist, forming a triangle with the bar of the window to which it was fastened, the plan consulted by the captain on his last visit to Planchet.
But if from the comparative dimensions of the whale's proper brain, you deem it incapable of being adequately charted, then I have another idea for you.
The said "hog-yoke," an Eldridge chart, the farming almanac, Blunt's "Coast Pilot," and Bowditch's "Navigator" were all the weapons Disko needed to guide him, except the deep-sea lead that was his spare eye.