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CHASMCatchment Hydrology and Sustainable Management (UK)
CHASMConsumer Health Alliance for Safe Medication (Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics)
CHASMCharles-St. Mary's Baseball League (Maryland)
CHASMCombined Hydrological and Stability Model
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Down he fell into the chasm, crackling down among trees, bushes, logs, loose stones, till he lay bruised and groaning thirty feet below.
We had gathered in a little group at the bottom of the chasm, some forty feet beneath the mouth of the cave, when a huge rock rolled suddenly downwards--and shot past us with tremendous force.
We withdrew hurriedly from the chasm, our minds full of this new development and its bearing upon our plans.
The tree was a good sixty feet in height, and if it only fell the right way it would easily cross the chasm. Challenger had slung the camp axe over his shoulder when he ascended.
No human ingenuity could suggest a means of bridging the chasm which yawned between ourselves and our past lives.
Without waiting for a reply, he tore himself from the presence of the sisters, and joined the scout and his companions, who still lay within the protection of the little chasm between the two caves.
Opposite to these chasms Snake River makes two desperate leaps over precipices, at a short distance from each other; one twenty, the other forty feet in height.
the chasm barely needed of second gear a thrashing Bajkowski Since looking a bit sluggish in their first game - understandably given they had barely just made it over from Manchester - there has since been a biting sharpness to the team when they have attacked.
She backed the report, saying that attempts to improve the economies of regions such as the North East stemmed from "a concern to address the effects of the chasm between London and the rest of the regions in England - a chasm which ...
We talk about a quality chasm, the wide and deep gap that separates where we are, from where we want to be.
"Sheila was deeply loved and her passing has left a chasm in our lives."