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CHASTChildren's Hygiene and Sanitation Training (healthcare)
CHASTCentre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology (University of Sydney; Australia)
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In other words, the use of multiple media--words, pictures, photos, and documents--is Chast's strategy to throw the reader into a world traversed and intersected by a spectrum of feelings, the conflicting feelings that assault Chast the caregiver as she cares for her aging and dying parents: anxiety, exasperation, shame, and even cynical amusement.
It guides families through difficult conversations about the "THINGS" Roz Chast and her parents assiduously avoided.
It is difficult to imagine tackling such a complex and emotionally wrought subject as preparing for one's parents' deaths in a graphic memoir, but that is exactly what Roz Chast does so brilliantly.
When I told my middle-aged friends--and most of my friends are middle-aged--that I was reviewing Roz Chast's memoir about her aging parents, they invariably replied, "Didn't I see something about that in the New Yorker?" Indeed, they did.
I like my favorite New Yorker cartoon better all the time--the one showing a man reading a newspaper's obituary page, where we see all the articles' headlines as he does: "Two Years Younger Than You." "Exactly Your Age." "Five Years Your Senior." It turns out that the artist, Roz Chast, is five days younger than I am, and that her cartoon ran in 1993, when we were both 39.
You know a Roz Chast character when you see one: a person, often on a sofa, whose bemused, slightly off-kilter expression suggests some deeper angst or anger.
They are about the size of a hemp seed, and they infect young people, who are inclined to venery and fruitful, but chast withal and continent'.9
Until Jan 5 Karin Apollonia Muller The Gate Until Jan 5 Roz Chast New Cartoons and a Hooked Rug (Project Gallery) Jan 10-Feb Charlotte Dumas Anima M+B
But pure affections bred in spotlesse brest, and modest thoughts breathd from wel tempred sprites, goe visit her in her chast bowre of rest, accompanyde with angelick delights.
Cyn ymuno chast Rownd a Rownd bu Elen yn actio ar Pobol y Cwm, yn ogystal ag ymddangos ar raglen Ysgoloriaeth Urdd Gobaith Cymru Bryn Terfel 2011 y llynedd.
MK: A, der Lord, yf I go arayd on other maner than other chast [chaste] women don, I drede that the pepyl wyl slaw[n]dyr me.
Petersburg State Medical Academy], Nauchnaia chast' (Scientific Section), delo 23, ll.