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CHATTERCommunications Jamming
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With Creative Chatter, non-profits can spend more time focusing on their mission and more people can see their donations making a difference.
Morrell, whose original vision helped turn Chatter into reality, said it's all about communication, collaboration and control.
Chatter Now will add presence to the product, enabling users to see other users and share documents, the company said.
For me, the word sounds old, but the products and services coming from Chatter.
The acquisition will enable Salesforce's Chatter to follow the integration collaboration and communication model of Facebook by adding critical real-time communication technologies to its product.
Chatter is the industry's first enterprise collaboration app and platform.
It is known that the generation of chatter affects mostly the main force component (Altintas & Lee, 1998; Raman, 1992).
Chatter is a harmonic imbalance that occurs between the tool and the workpiece because the part and the tool are bouncing against each other.
And even though the Dickson Baseball Dictionary defines it as ``lively, often meaningless talk spoken for team morale,'' the main reason why high school players chatter from the dugout is to disrupt the opponent.
Built on the Salesforce Platform, the world's leading cloud platform for social and mobile business apps, Smarsh Archiving & Compliance for Chatter is immediately available for download on the AppExchange at www.
For organizations in federally regulated industries, Presensoft's Salesforce Chatter[TM] Archiving and Compliance provides them with the opportunity to take advantage of Chatter while continuing to meet legal and corporate obligations.
A person can talk to himself, but in machining the tool doesn't chatter by itself.