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CHAVCouncil Housed and Violent (urban slang; UK)
CHAVCouncil Housed Adult Vermin
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The review reads: "During the day this pleasant town is enjoyable to walk around even though the shops are becoming more and more to the taste of a chav, Afternoon comes still a safe place the chavs start to wake up.
and below are a selection of their choice heaven chav of with you drive infamous of a ring to fit her ample size 10.
Because I've seen more and more people who are working class, described as chavs with all the negative connotations which accompany the word.
"Avoid this place unless you want to become a Chav or an economic slave, it does not welcome decent people and day by day it will claw away at their aspirations like a cancer."
No urban area is safe from these menacing "chavs" or "townies" in their revved-up cars, if these people are to believed.
I am writing in response to the letter written by Kelly in Thursday's newspaper about the British Chavs arriving in Dubai and in particular the comment she wrote about "us chavs" pronouncing our allegiance to our football teams by sporting car stickers.
He continued: "It is sneering and patronising and it is distancing, turning the 'chav' into the kind of feral beast that exists only in tabloid headlines."
'We really are most concerned about the elevation of chav,' Laurence says.
Ghaith Madadha While many have complained about the classist undertones of the word Chav, it is in fact one of those wonderful new words (circa 2004), which despite its contested origins, seems to so perfectly sum up a particular cross-ethnic UK social phenomena of the gaudy, illiterate, brand aspiring yet impoverished underclass that is the product of the Thatcherite onslaught on society and consumerism.It may be pure coincidence that the undisputed queen of Chavdom is British glamour model and silicone enhancement enthusiast Jordan (aka Katie Price), but it certainly works well for the purposes of this column.
PRINCE Wills allegedly showed what a great sense of humour he has this week when he attended a fancy dress party dressed as a "Chav".
Activate said those who had made the "chav" comments would be thrown out.