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CHAVCouncil Housed and Violent (urban slang; UK)
CHAVCouncil Housed Adult Vermin
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I think the school with the badest rep is George Eliot - there's loadz of chavs there, they've got massive gates round it like a prison it's that bad.
En suma, el fenomeno chav establece la frontera entre el espacio social donde los individuos se re-conocen (un percipi en el sentido de Bourdieu) frente aquellos a los que se ha privado de existencia (al carecer de representacion politica y social).
Avoid this place unless you want to become a Chav or an economic slave, it does not welcome decent people and day by day it will claw away at their aspirations like a cancer.
Only smart Helen Worth (Gail Platt), her husband Trevor Dawson and Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor) snubbed the chav theme in Manchester last Friday.
BY branding Cheryl Cole a chav, Julien Macdonald has kicked a massive own goal.
Chavs have been poked fun at by a huge range of programmes, from Little Britain's Vicky Pollard to Gavin and Stacey.
While they may disagree with D May's proposals on dealing with this massive problem, affecting thousands of innocent people, they fail to put forward there own proposals in tackling drunken and drug-fuelled chavs.
I have never understood the word chav so I won't comment on her chavness or lack of it.
Chav is a mean-spirited, derogatory term which reflects Britain's sad obsession with its class system and the demonisation of the poor.
All that is required now is a chav dictionary to help those who know nothing of the vernacular of the streets to understand what exactly Mr Baum is writing about.
But the Millennium man won't be treading the boards in his hometown of Stoke-onTrent - he'll make his panto debut via the miracles of modern technology along with celeb friends Ant and Dec IT'S official Cheryl Tweedy is a chav - and proud of it.
I did say she's a chav in a tracksuit but she's a good chav in a tracksuit.