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CHAWCapitol Hill Arts Workshop (Washington, DC)
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The Hmoob Teb Chaws Organization has a stated mission to "Pursue Hmong self-ruled in the mainland of Asia in accordance with international law" (http://hmongtebchaws.
He liked chaw because it produced saliva in his mouth and made him spit a lot.
If we don't hook a perch or bass, we'll cool our toes in dewy grass, Or else pull up a weed to chaw, and maybe set and jaw.
While Maung Tha Noe has translated major poets to emerge from Khit San and Khit Por (like Aung Cheimt, Maung Chaw Nwe, and Tin Moe--all essential to the Burmese canon), Zeyar Lynn is possibly the finest poet writing in Burmese today and is a key translator in his own right he's published Burmese translations of Ashbery, Bernstein, and Szymborska, among others.
Cassleman traces "chaw and glutch" to the old English dialect for chew and swallow; bread is the chaw and tea the glutch.
All animals were allowed to free access to water and fed with standard commercial pelleted rat chaw (M/s.
Chewing tobacco (also known as chew, dip, chaw, chewpoos, chits or chowers) refers to a form of smokeless tobacco furnished as long strands of whole leaves and consumed by placing a portion of the tobacco between the cheek and gum or teeth, and chewing.
He did not wear beautifully scalloped drawers fringed with little bells--I never met a Chinaman who did; he did not habitually carry his forefinger extended before him at right angles with his body, nor did I ever hear him utter the mysterious sentence "Ching a ring a ring chaw," nor dance under any provocation.
En este contexto se plantea la necesidad de desarrollar estimadores y metodologias que permitan predecir los procesos de compactacion de suelos, con el proposito de tomar las medidas preventivas necesarias para reducir riesgos y evitar los efectos adversos de este proceso degradativo (Saini y Chaw, 1984).
I drop to the floor, do some perfunctory coughing, and watch as chaw guy clicks his toy gun wildly from a nearby cell.
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