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"We view this as an elegant foundational system for transforming an object's properties," said Matthew McBride, lead author of the new study and a post-doctoral researcher in CHBE. "We plan to continue optimizing and exploring the possibilities of this technology."
The CHBE has hired NORC to do many analyses of the California market.
At a regular meeting of the Bonnyville CWG (CHBE's community partners) in spring of 2009, a workshop was held to discuss the results of the IMI assessment.
assets related to C-Fax AM, and CHBE FM stations, music
Regrouping of the 29 map units on the original Toowoomba Soil Associations Map (Thompson and Beckmann 1959) into 18 classes on the basis of estimated dominant (PPF1) and sub-dominant (PPF2) soil principal profile forms Map unit Unit name Landform Ke Kenmuir Hill Ke var Kenmuir (var) Hill KeBe Kemuir--Beauaraba Hill MaCh Majuba--Charlton Hill KeM Kenmuir (stony)--Mallard Hill KegM Kenmuir (gravelly)--Mallard Hill KeS Kenmuir (stony)--Southbrook Hill Kegs Kenmuir (gravelly)--Southbrook Hill ChBe Charlton--Beauaraba Ridge Bep Beauaraba--Purrawunda Ridge A Aubigny Valley B Burton Valley IP Irving--Purrawunda Valley ChG Charlton--Craigmore Valley K Knapdale Valley Ir Irongate Valley Mu Murlaggan Valley Ry Ramsay Valley Yo Yarranlea--Oakview Gentle slope WcT1 Waco (with type 1) Alluv.