CHCBCommunity Health Center of Burlington (Burlington, VT)
CHCBClub Haltéro Culturisme Billysien (French bodybuilding club)
CHCBComprehensive Health Care Benefit
CHCBCentro Hospitalar da Cova da Beira (Portugal)
CHCBClub Hippique de la Côte Basque (French: Equestrian Club of the Basque Coast)
CHCBCalvary Health Care Bethlehem (Australia)
CHCBCentre Hospitalier de la Côte Basque (French: Hospital of the Basque Coast)
CHCBCommunity Health Center Board (various locations)
CHCBCompton Heights Concert Band (St Louis, MO)
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The new CHCB line features men's and women's jerseys, accessories and outerwear that will keep cyclists warm during cooler weather.
The CHCB Shetler Jacket is water resistant and will stay dry throughout the cold, rainy season.
A full list of CHCB clothing is available at performancebike.
CHCB business is based upon a home health care employment project introduced in the South Bronx, New York in 1985.
We created CHCB because we wanted something that was comfortable, functional and looked good while riding, but was not cycling specific Lycra when we're off the bike," said Performance Bicycle CEO David Pruitt.
99, the new CHCB line features both men's and women's jerseys and shorts in a variety of sizes, as well as socks.
All of the jerseys in the CHCB line feature a back pocket with reflective tab, for easy storage of essentials like a phone or wallet.