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CHCCChildren's Hospital Central California (Madera, CA)
CHCCCalifornia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Sacramento, CA)
CHCCCherry Hills Country Club (Cherry Hills Village, CO)
CHCCCooperative Health Care Clinic
CHCCCommission on Health Care Certification (est. 1994)
CHCCCoalition for Healthier Cities and Communities
CHCCChattahoochee Hill Country Conservancy
CHCCChristian Heritage Catholic Church (Maryland and Pennsylvania)
CHCCChattahoochee Hills County Club (Georgia)
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Administrators at CHCC work closely with the executive director to oversee the day-to-day operations of the center.
Since 1978, the CHCC has worked together with over 60 Hispanic chambers of commerce to encourage business, industry, commerce and culture.
Under the corporatewide restructuring where many positions were combined, there was no longer a slot for Weber to be the pharmacy manager at Fresno Community Hospital and Medical Center, one of the hospitals within CHCC.
Burdick comes to the CHCC with nearly 25 years of experience as a lawyer for a variety of regulated industries, including telecommunications, energy and aviation.
We project CHCC, PIOC and MLCF to emerge as key outperformers in the sector in 2Q.
Wells Fargo has been part of the growth of the CHCC and Hispanic businesses in California," said Joel Ayala, President and CEO of the CHCC.
Upside risks to our valuation include: (1) applicability of five-year tax holiday on the expansion in KPK and Baluchistan during FY15-18; (2) allocation of gas to CHCC.
CHCC is a membership organization of 44 employers, unions, and health and welfare funds currently representing 3 million Californians.
The CHCC is a powerful coalition of California's largest employers and labor unions with members including the California Teachers Association, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW).
CHCC offers the MSCC certification program for case managers, health care professionals, attorneys and insurance professionals who are involved in authorizing, developing or overseeing Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements for injured employees who meet the criteria for Medicare Set-Aside when settling workers' compensation claims.
Blue Cross and CHCC will combine efforts to educate Latino-owned businesses across the state about health coverage plans that will meet their business, health and financial needs.