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CHCIChimpanzee and Human Communication Institute (Central Washington University)
CHCICongressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc.
CHCICenter for Human-Computer Interaction (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg, VA)
CHCIConsortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes
CHCICommunity Health Centers, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)
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where [A.sub.i] is the accessibility index of residents at the ith area, [S.sub.j] is the supply capacity of the jth facility, that is, here CHCI for hospital j, [D.sub.k] is the demand of the kth area, that is, here population in village k, or [d.sub.ij] is the distance from residential area i or k to facility j, f is the distance decay function, m is the number of residential areas, n is the number of facilities, i or k is the index of residential areas from 1 to m, and j is the index of facilities from 1 to n.
All data for this study were extracted from primary care progress notes in the VACHS or CHCI EHRs.
In the SNP2-MspI locus, the genotype of AG had demonstrated significantly superior HuWI traits than genotype GG in HNBG, while genotype GG was found to have significantly superior BL, ChC, and ChCI traits when compared with genotype AA, as well as genotype GG and AG had significantly superior BLI traits in XNSN dairy goat.
As the CHCI STEM Fellow, it was my goal to gain firsthand experience and apply my background to impact current environmental issues.
Mena-Hadyka and Kapp are the most recent of 22 fellows who have participated in the Department's CHCI program, which allows Hispanics aspiring to public-sector work to try executive-and legislative-branch assignments.
The three coauthors of this article have published reports, journal articles, and book chapters that provide detailed descriptions of various aspects of CHCI, but none of those previous publications has looked specifically at the effect that CHCI had on the civic infrastructure of the funded communities.
New York, NY, September 19, 2010 --( Rosamaria Caballero, founder of New York-based Green Irene LLC, was honored at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's (CHCI) Public Policy Conference in Washington D.C.
The CHCI (B) proton signal at 4.344 ppm is split into a quartet of doublets (Streitwieser & Heathcock, 1981) (4.478, 4.438, 4.404, 4.364, 4.331, 4.292, 4.260, and 4.219 ppm) (SDBSWeb, no date) due to the [CH.sub.3] and the CH[CI.sub.2] protons. was launched on Tuesday and is run by the Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI) as a free source for talent management professionals in government.
(6) First Appended Letter: Second Appended Letter: Refers to the Substitution Refers to the Substitution on on the Central Carbon the Terminal Methylene Carbon Group Substitution Letter Group Substitution Letter -CI x = [CCI.sub.2] a -F y = CCIF b -H z = [CF.sub.2] c = CHCI d = CHF e = [CH.sub.2] f Table 2: The 19 possible fluorinated isomers with the bases 1225, 1234, and 1243.
Furthermore, thermal degradation of a series of model compounds indicated that polymers containing (CHCI)n (n_3) structures would have low thermal stabilities.