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Meanwhile CHCP moved forward with new programming, organizing cultural festivals and sponsoring the development of the Golden Legacy school curriculum guide, the film Homebase: A Chinatown Called Heinlenville, and three books: Chinatown, San Jose, USA; Life along the Guadalupe River; and Chinese in San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley.
Voss notified HSJ, CHCP, and Past Forward of this discovery and on December 5, 2002, the four organizations held a planning meeting at History Park to discuss new possibilities for significant research on the collection.
CHCP was organized for a purpose: to replicate Heinlenville's temple and restore its altar, thus creating a museum to document the history of the Chinese in Santa Clara Valley and a monument to the legacy of the pioneering Chinese immigrants to the area.
However, the great momentum that was generated led CHCP to continue with further endeavors.
The new CHCP plant is not only an example of the University's entrepreneurial management of its scarce financial resources, it also reflects our campus-wide commitment to environmental conservation and alternative energy.
CHCP currently oversees a portfolio of existing assets and assets under development totaling over 12.
Private equity funds managed by CHCP actively acquire existing properties and development parcels of all types both independently and with operating partners.
Based in Cape Town, CHCP now provides compute resources to a variety of domestic industries, including life sciences, astronomy, animation, finance, climatology and computer science.
Contract Notice: West Lothian Council is seeking a provider for services that include the identifying of aims, outcomes, principles, eligibility criteria, and provision of operating arrangements, which will be used, by WL CHCP and the provider to deliver a disability information, advice and support service for people with physical and/or learning disabilities and a peer counselling service to meet the specified outcomes as defined in the service specification.
CHCP demonstrated that lower radio frequency bands (UHF) outperformed higher frequencies for automatically identifying the location and security breaches of containers in real-world supply chain environments.
CHCP ) is the investment manager to a series of real estate private equity funds designed to generate current income and benefit from the capital appreciation of portfolio investments.
Since 1998, CHCP and CHCP-affiliated entities have managed a series of real estate private equity funds that are designed to generate current income and benefit from the capital appreciation of portfolio investments.