CHCTCaffeine-Halothane Contracture Testing
CHCTCalvary Health Care Tasmania (Tasmania, Australia)
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Due to the extensive nature of the patient's surgery and financial concerns, the CHCT has yet to be performed.
The p.E209 K variant, that has been predicted to be neutral by two programs and only possibly damaging by PolyPhen-2, has been found in association with p.R2336H in one patients who experienced stress-induced MH events and was typed MHS by CHCT (see Table 1) [36].
All of these people, when tested, have had a positive reaction to the caffeine-halothane contracture test (CHCT), which is the gold standard for confirming MH.
The CHCT is performed only on fresh muscle, and only 5 centers in North America perform the test.
In conclusion, our team looked at pre and post Venofer TSAT, serum ferritin, calculated hematocrit (chct), and rHuEPO doses on all patients monthly to determine trends and effectiveness of our protocol.
A real estate investment trust, CHCT owns income-producing real estate properties related to the delivery of outpatient healthcare services in the US.