CHDACertified Health Data Analyst (American Health Information Management Association)
CHDACentre for Heritage Development in Africa (est. 1997; Mombasa, Kenya)
CHDACalgary Highland Dance Association (Canada)
CHDACommunity Health Development and Advocacy
CHDACycloaliphatic Acid (resin intermediate)
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The separation process for eis:trans isomers of CHDA is described as following.
PBAC was synthesized via a two-step process from CHDA (with different ratios of eis), BDO, and AA with tetrabutyl titanate as catalyst (Scheme 1) according to our previous study [21].
Since methanol is the smallest primary alcohol, it will have the most efficient interaction with the CHDA and may be better at extending the pot life even at low levels.
The next series explores the possibility of using butanol (a slower evaporating primary alcohol than ethanol) to help hinder the crosslinking between the CHDA and the carbamylated resin since the butanol will remain in solution longer than ethanol before evaporating.
Although butanol leaves the film more slowly than ethanol, it is less efficient at hindering the reaction of the CHDA and the resin.
Shares sold by Maximus executives since it took over the PS579m Work Capability Assessment (WCA) contract on March 2, 2015 - and CHDA started carrying out tests - add up to PS7.
The whistleblower, who worked for CHDA for six months, claims he was sacked for questioning "extortionate amounts of money" paid by Maximus to an external PR company for "low-level" PR services.
Production of hydrolytic enzymes by Streptomyces isolates: (a) chitinase on CHDA, (b) p 1,3 glucanase on larminarin AGMA and (c)protease on Casein agar medium
Diameter of hydrolysis zone of hydrolytic enzymes produced by isolates of Streptomyces on different substrates Streptomyces Diameter of hydrolysis zone (cm) isolates CHDA laminarin casein PR13 4.
It was also seen that coatings containing CHDA showed lower thermal stability at a temperature of approximately 200[degrees]C, as in the case of E, and at 600[degrees], in the case of coatings H and F.
The objective of these experiments was to evaluate the performance, particularly outdoor durability, of high-solids, two-component, pigmented polyurethane coatings containing CHDA.
CHDA (1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid) exhibits a unique combination of linear aliphatic and aromatic diacid character.