CHDACertified Health Data Analyst (American Health Information Management Association)
CHDACentre for Heritage Development in Africa (est. 1997; Mombasa, Kenya)
CHDACalgary Highland Dance Association (Canada)
CHDACommunity Health Development and Advocacy
CHDACycloaliphatic Acid (resin intermediate)
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He said: "Both the DWP and CHDA have apologised for any inconvenience caused and I've met with the minister, Justin Tomlinson, to discuss this and we are working to identify a suitable local replacement.
However, we have reported [4] the synthesis of PCCD starting from CHDA, with the advantage that the use of the diacid permits a process in which the reaction by-product is water instead of methanol.
In this crosslinking system, ethanol is present to block or hinder the reaction between the carbamylated resin and the CHDA, through the preformation of acet als.
The former local government official claims he was fired by CHDA after raising concerns about spending on PR.
All isolates of antagonistic Streptomyces produced hydrolytic enzymes such as chitinase and 21,3 glucanase as clear zone around colonies showed on CHDA and AGMA+0.02% larminarin, respectively (Fig.
Pirata piraticus had the lowest number of setae as complex CHDA and [CH.sub.VM] had two setae less each than the equivalent complexes in the Lycosinae.
The tax relief is in the form of accelerated depreciation in favour of owners of new and newly refurbished buildings in the Customs House Docks Area (CHDA) in Dublin.
All monomers used for polyester synthesis, except 1,4 CHDA (1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid) and 2-ethyl hexanol, were purchased from Sigma Aldrich.
CHDA (1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid) exhibits a unique balance of properties that are characteristic of linear aliphatic and aromatic diacids.