CHDFChildren's Health Development Foundation
CHDFContinuous Hemodiafiltration
CHDFCapillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation
CHDFCamille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. (New York, NY)
CHDFCivilian Home Defense Force (militia group; Philippines)
CHDFCultural Heritage Development Fund (Connecticut)
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The CHDF had since been disbanded and replaced by the Cafgu.
However, CHDF was switched to hemodialysis (HD) as the patient's anuric state due to AKI persisted.
AT III: Antithrombin III BP: Blood pressure BT: Body temperature CHDF: Continuous hemodiafiltration CPK: Creatine kinase CRP: C-reactive protein DOB: Dobutamine hANP: Human atrial natriuretic peptide HD: Hemodialysis HR: Heart rate LVEF: Left ventricular ejection fraction NAD: Noradrenalin PMX: Polymyxin-B-immobilized fibera PTGBD: Percutaneous transhepatic gallbladder drainage rTM: Recombinant human soluble thrombomodulin SOFA: Sepsis-related organ failure assessment T.
Several recent reports of CHDF, which was mandatory for organ support in our case, have shown a benefit for the management of hypercytokinemia and renal dysfunction in cases of sepsis [9].
In addition, CHDF is essential as mechanical support for renal dysfunction and cytokine regulation.
Abbreviations ADH: Alcohol dehydrogenase Cr: Creatinine HD: Hemodialysis CHDF: Continuous hemodiafiltration ICU: Intensive care unit.
Thus, the effects of HDF or CHDF on the pharmacokinetics of teicoplanin are complicated by the presence or absence of albumin.
Accumulating evidence indicates that some drugs may be eliminated during HDF or CHDF by adsorption onto filter membranes (7-9), as well as by diffusion and ultrafiltration.
However, no new particles were detected as evidenced by the low-PD values obtained at both UNH (by CHDF) and Cytec SS (by light scattering) and by microscopy results.
When he turned 23, he became a member of the CHDF and was later recruited by the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (Cafgu).
Members of the notorious Ilaga, a terrorist cult known for cannibalism and who also served as CHDF members, killed 12 persons to avenge the death of their leader who was reportedly killed by the New People's Army.
'They (CHDF men) asked me to name the NPA commanders that I knew.