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The PHN program began with funding from the federally mandated EPSDT program, which was administered by the State of California as CHDP. The state administration defined the practice boundaries rather than the local child welfare department.
Los Angeles County further defined areas of responsibility for the foster care nurses in terms of their relationship to CHDP, the local child welfare department, and the Social Worker/ Probation Officers (Los Angeles Department of Health Service, nd).
In May 2000, a Hispanic boy aged 4 years residing in Fresno County was identified during routine CHDP screening with a BLL of 26 [micro]g/dL.
Because well-child visits and immunizations could be received by children either under the CHDP program or under the managed care programs, we combined data from different sources to obtain a complete utilization history for the study children.
In this manner, we avoided any duplication of service records that may have occurred in the CHDP and Tape-to-Tape files and the MMC pseudo-claims files.
Vaclav Benda, CHDP chairman, called that proposal "absurd."
One intent of CLIA was the regulation of smaller, provider-based laboratories, such as those operated by health-care providers in the Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program.([dagger]) In 1995, in conjunction with an assessment of county-specific variations in prevalence rates of anemia, the California Department of Health Services conducted a mail survey of CHDP providers to assess compliance with CLIA regulations for hemoglobin screening.
The CHDP data base was derived from paid claims processed through the California Department of Health Services and contains data on expenditures and utilization for all preventive care services administered through the CHDP program.