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Come, chear up, chear up; I expect un every minute."
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Hope, like a budless stem, from day to day No tempting fruits lets fall, to chear his way; The miserable future to his eyes No beck'ning smiles display, no half shewn prize; But heavy on him hangs the close-link'd chain, That gloomy perpetuity of pain, That worst of evils amidst a wretched whole, That death of Genius, dead weight on the soul, Labour without reward.
Chears and some of the other jocks have been relegated to weekend work, giving the appearance they've been demoted.
informs the mind, sweetens the temper, chears our spirits, and promotes health."(3)
t Baggie W "West Brom might not be CheArs wd Chelsea, Tottenham or Arsenal but it is a club where I hope I can develop," Chadli said.
A-Z Green Alternative Energy LLC, Donna Chears, 19633 Highway 126.
Some of those elected to the hall of fame are still on the air, giving listeners the chance to hear a part of history: Lou "Fatha" Thimes, Gabriel, Buddy Moreno, Leo Chears and Paul Harvey--yes, that Paul Harvey.