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CHEBIChemical Entities of Biological Interest (UK)
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The ChEBI reference database and ontology for biologically relevant chemistry: Enhancements for 2013.
Ennis et al., "ChEBI: a chemistry ontology and database," Journal of Cheminformatics, vol.
Corrections suggested by our work have effected changes in some very important ontologies used worldwide, including SNOMED CT, the NCIt, ChEBI, and GO.
A master list of nearly 6,000 pesticide compounds was created from governmental databases, ontologies, and databases providing toxicological data on chemicals: KEGG (n = 916 pesticides), MeSH Pesticides (n = 451 pesticides), ChEBI (n = 2,448 pesticides), U.S.
The Kenyans continued to dominate the 5,000 race, winning the first seven places, with John Kemboi finishing first behind Sammy Mutai and Abraham Chebi. The world 100m champion Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser, made a time of 11:13:100, ahead of Chandra Sturrup (Bahamas) and Tianna Madison (USA).
The domain of small molecular entities is represented by the CHEBI, Chemical Entities of Biological Interest database [16].
Kipchoge is the favorite because he's the fastest guy in the field, but Mottram is impressive, Limo has shown he can win championship races, Cheboiywo will be in the mix, and Chebi and the rest are solid runners.
Typhoon Chebi sweeping through southern China's Fujian province over the weekend has left 79 people dead and 87 people missing, Xinhua News Agency said Monday.
For his part, head of the regional branch of lawyers in Kairouan and the head of defense of victims of violations Mohamed Al-Faleh Chebi said 25 lawyers have been assigned to defend the victims.
Gene expression profiling signatures of the three statins shown in our example were identified as follows: pravastatin CHE-BI:63618 CPC015_PHH_24H:BRD-A71816415-236-03-5:10, simvastatin CHEBI:9150 CPC015_PHH_24H:BRD-K22134346001-11-6:10, and rosuvastatin CHEBI:3854 CPC015_PHH_24H: BRD-K82941592-238-02-9:10) in hepatocytes (PHH) and with a dosage of 10 [micro]M for a period of 24 h.
Cet espoir [beaucoup moins que] renaitra par la mise en valeur de la sagesse des anciens poetes, philosophes et resistants [beaucoup plus grand que], a souligne le poete tunisien, Lotfi Chebi, lors de la ceremonie d'ouverture de cette manifestation culturelle dont le theme est consacre a [beaucoup moins que] la Revolution algerienne dans la poesie algerienne et arabe [beaucoup plus grand que].