CHEEBACreating A Harmless Environment to Enjoy Buds Appropriately (Macalester College)
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As a search engine, Cheeba can't compete with Google.
New singer Daisey Martey has edgy presence but it's hard to quell the impression that the 'Cheeba chariot has got left behind in the great pop marathon.
I got him by the Cheeba Hut, a little sandwich spot in Arizona.
VARIOUS: Blow (Cheeba): This soundtrack to Ted Demme's film follows the Almost Famous blueprint in compiling some rock chestnuts and makes a great job of recalling the 70s.
instant coffee as cheeba, baby laxative as china, draino (in the 70's) as skag .
It derives from "more cheeba", an off-the-wall way of demanding more drugs, apparently.