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LINPAC Allibert (LA) has produced a cheese box specially designed for maturing 20kg blocks of cheese.
Try the Damson and Cheese Box - includes warming Damson gin, Damson Fruit for Cheese and crackers.
Something in the region of 3,000 will fit into a small Camembert cheese box!
2 Cheese box with mini-grater and spoon, pounds 21.95, Aria; grater, pounds 7, Purves & Purves; worktop (throughout), pounds 18.99 for 3 metres, Wickes.
It included the skull of a hare, a cheese box containing a puffin's beak, an envelope containing snow bunting feathers, a list of mills of Meirionnydd, a book of telephone numbers containing no numbers and a postcard of the Nanteos Cup.
@FelicityHannah "The purpose of studying economics is not to acquire a set of ready-made answers to economic questions, but to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists." -Joan Robinson, Cambridge University @ritholtz The circle of life: today the makers of Candy Crush are giving evidence to a select cttee on "immersive and addictive technologies" - five years after an MP was caught playing Candy Crush during a select cttee hearing @estwebber Boris Johnson in the Metro 2011: "I like to relax by painting on cheese boxes. You get Brie and Camembert in these lovely wooden boxes....
I had nine different milk strainers, various milk bottles and restaurant containers, as well as wooden cheese boxes, a 1-gallon home butter churn, two different milk pasteurizers, a hand-crank ice cream freezer and old metal 1-gallon ice cream buckets.
It has never included half-licked empty yoghurt pots, broken lightbulbs, balls of used tin foil or wooden cheese boxes. If in doubt, just read the list when you open the lid, and discard item in the correct way.
Customers can 'discover the true taste of Yorkshire' with fabulous hampers, full of their favourite cheeses together with the finest accompaniments, exclusive cheese boxes which arc hand selected and freshly cut by its deli team or delightful miniature waxed cheese truckles, all of which can be ordered direct.
The .45s were packed in recreation boxes collectors have termed "cheese boxes." That was a rather rough cardboard box stamped on the outside with the .45's serial number, and other pertinent information.
"We have designed luxury branded cheese boxes for our clients, containing cheese boards full of mouth-watering local cheeses such as Richard III Wensleydale as well as "away team" selections such as Smoked Caerphilly for Swansea.