CHEFAConnecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority
CHEFAChristian Home Educators of Fresno Area (Fresno, CA)
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These consist primarily of deposits by the state treasurer under letters of commitment from the DSS with CHEFA in which the state commits to paying 75%-90% in aggregate of debt service as a direct subsidy subject to biennial appropriation, and the remaining 10%-25% of debt service, intercepted from appropriated funds of the DSS or SDE, prior to disbursement to providers.
The state treasurer oversees payment of debt service and intercept components under a memorandum of understanding with CHEFA and DSS.
Oversight of program participants by CHEFA is solid.
provide the Authority with a comprehensive client list of qualified CHEFA
5 million in outstanding CHEFA auction rate certificates (Greenwich Hospital), issued in 2006.