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CHEIChannel Hot Electron Injection
CHEIChina Health Economics Institute (China Ministry of Health)
CHEICholinesterase Inhibitors
CHEICanadian Healthy Eating Index (diet screening tool)
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Marriott Foundation, CHEI was developed in partnership with global academic and industry advisors, including San Diego State University and Marriott International.
The Cannery designed the CHEI Web site to provide a more user-friendly interface for existing and potential clients.
Since CHEI launched in 2013, more than 450 teachers from 67 partner schools have participated in CHEI programs, such as field trips to area hotels and guest lectures on campus.
This conference was the perfect opportunity to bring CHEI to life in front of program constituents through education, networking and motivation, said Carl H.
The Marriott Foundation has selected San Diego State University to be Marriott CHEI s academic advisor.
Our findings suggest that Gb may provide some added cognitive benefits in AD patients already under ChEIs treatment.