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1, 1939, thousands of Jews were led out of the Polish town of Chelm in what would become the first death march of the Holocaust, and which has been almost totally forgotten.
While a real Polish town, Chelm also serves as GodAEs metaphor of Jewish identity, history, and community.
Having commissioned an angel to distribute the sacks throughout the planet, God's emissary reached the town of Chelm, but one of the sacks caught on the pointy tip of a mountain and tipped open, and all the souls poured out on the little town of Chelm.
But how astonished were the erudite Chasids from Chelm,
A group of 14 people from Chelm and Rugby Cement's sister company, Cement- ovnia, will spend June in the borough as a step towards establishing economic and cultural links.
In fact, Gordon's postmodern dislocations proved remarkably compatible with the liberation from solemnity and logic already inherent in the ironic subtraditions of Chelm, the town of fools, and of Singer, the mocking imp of Yiddish literature.
The annual visit by the 40-strong group of young people is sponsored by the Rugby Group, which owns Rugby Cement, which also has a holding in the cement works in Chelm.