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CHEMTRECChemical Transportation Emergency Center
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Using the system, first responders can access CHEMTREC and other industry databases during an incident to find out the specific type of hazardous cargo a derailed train was carrying, the exact cars it was in, how it should be handled, and the risks associated with that particular substance.
chemical industry and called Chemtrec. "The American Chemistry Council, under a previous name, launched Chemtrec in 1971 as an industry resource, not a formal reporting network," said Morris.
Its establishment of Chemtrec as a centralized resource for providing fast and accurate information about the nature of materials contained in specific shipments has proven invaluable to those emergency personnel and public authorities having to respond to incidents.
CHEMTREC (Chemical Transportation Emergency Center) is a private operation voluntarily established by the Chemical Manufacturers Association as a national resource to provide information on chemicals involved in transportation emergencies.
Michael Donahue is the associate director of CHEMTREC, a public service operated by a chemical trade association in Washington, DC.
in an emergency, CHEMTREC (Chemical Transportation Emergency Center) should be contacted.