CHENSChemical Neutralization System
CHENSChemical Explosives Neutralizer System
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DETROIT Nathan Chen was skating up to collect his medal gold, of course when he tripped on the small carpet in front of the podium and nearly fell.
Instead of being the perfect day they were promised, the wedding of Jian-Jing and Melany Chen on Dec.
With regard to reversible DNA data hiding, Chen [19] encoded a sequence of nucleotide bases in noncoding DNA into decimal values and embedded a watermark in coded values using a lossless compression and difference expansion (DE) algorithm described by Tian [21].
The SEC's complaint further alleges that the Chens and their companies provided investors a fake lease for the interior design center that changed the name of the real lessor to a Chen-controlled entity and overstated the true size of the leased space five-fold.
The Chens are held on $950,000 bail each, with arraignment scheduled for April 29 in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
Defendants believed that they were building the house entirely on the Coakers' property, but in fact the house encroached on the Chens' panhandle.
1 Siming Chen of China, hometown hero Rubilen Amit and South Korean Eunji Park got the ball rolling by defeating Ireland's Karen Corr, Sweden's Ewa Mataya Laurance and American Jennifer Barretta, 4-2.
Straits Chinese refers to the Chinese born in the former Straits Settlements (the three port cities of Malacca, Penang and Singapore which were under direct British rule) who were fiercely loyal to their territories and to the British colonial government (Lee & Chen, 2006).
In the late 1980s, Chen Zhen and Chen Chun brought a lawsuit against the company which later became MOL.
Several of the scenes are derived from the research of economist Keith Chen into the ways in which capuchin monkeys exhibit some of the same behavioral biases as humans when taught to use currency.
Among them, Chen system and Lu system have been proved to be the special cases of the Lorenz system in [30, 31].