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'The Johor Baru district is one of the most populated areas and the government needs to be prepared to deal with any concerns regarding the various claims made against the people,' said Cheo.
Bad a Cheo is a 25-year operational project and has a generating capacity of 26.65 megawatts (MW).
Cheo Hodari Coker (CHC): The responsibility rests in the way we tell the story.
Cheo expressed his excitement to bring Luke Cage to the AsiaPop Comicon, which he believes debunks the Hollywood myth that there's no worldwide audience for black talent or black dramatic entertainment.
"Regardless of who I am or what I am, if our creative vision did not connect and he (Cheo) didn't agree with me on how I would present this show, that's a no.
MIKE Colter, pictured left, reprises his as the crusading Marvel Comics character in another 13 episodes of the Netflix fantasy drama created by Cheo Hodari Coker.
Lead author Eric Benchimol from CHEO Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre, in Ottawa said, "This effect is particularly strong in children who are raised in a rural household in the first five years of life.
NUAIR a chaidh mi suas madainn an-de gu sgire Kensington, bha ultaichean de cheo fhathast ag eirigh a tur Grenfell, suas dhan adhar shoilleir-ghorm.
In Singapore, a group that promotes HIV education, Action for AIDS, developed the country's first webseries about gay and bi men, People Like Us, which director Leon Cheo filmed in real gay clubs, bars, and bathhouses.
"Cheo, Adrian and I speak the same language, musically speaking, so it was easy to compose based on his direction."
"Despite dealing with the noise of New York City, [his team] delivered beautiful tracks that made our jobs easier." That meant that re-recording mixers Adam Jenkins and Joe Barnett could spend more time focusing on creator Cheo Hodari Coker's vision for the show.