CHEQCentre for Higher Education Quality (Australia)
CHEQCharter Evaluation and Qualification (aviation)
CHEQChildren's Hand-Use Experience Questionnaire (Sweden)
CHEQChelation Enhanced Quenching
CHEQCHOICE (Choices for Healthy Outcomes in Caring for ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)) Health Experience Questionnaire
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The QOL measure with the highest number of items and domains is CHEQ.
A number of validated instruments exist and each has its uses: The SF-36 is widely used and recognized; the Duke Health Profile is the shortest well-validated generic instrument; the Dartmouth COOP Charts are easy to use, patient-friendly, have automated methods for prompt scoring and reporting of results during the encounter, and a dialysis adaptation has been developed; the KDQOL[TM] and the KDQOL-SF[TM] obtain data on kidney disease and dialysis treatment that are not obtainable from generic instruments; the CHEQ instrument has been developed and validated but is not yet widely used; and methods have been developed to compare scores from instrument to instrument.
OTCBB: AACQ, AACQU, AACQW) ("Avantair"), the only publicly traded stand alone fractional operator announced today that they received a Gold Rating from the Aviation Research Group US (ARG/US) CHEQ System.
In addition, CHEQ (Corporation Hydro Energie-Que), in which we are a partner, is continuing environmental and financing studies for two projects, one in Costa Rica and the other in Guyana.