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To heeryn a wisdam thyn eris ben half deeff, Lik an asse that liseth on a harpe, Thou maist go pypen in a ivy leeff; Bett is to me to syngyn on thornes sharpe, Than in a cage, with a cherl to karpe.
Other passages in the poem illustrate politically proper ("bi leve") relations, in which a lord stands over a peasant: "For may no cherl chartre make, ne his c[h]atel selle / Withouten leve of his lord - no lawe wol it graunte" (11.127-28).(77) (Should the "cherl" wish to lease land to someone else, permission from the lord would be needed.) But this shift to the political - a displacement of "to ferme," which had signified the open economic relations in the fourteenth century - has its consequences for another political means, the trifunctional model, whose hierarchical principles are violated when a knight, Liberum Arbitrium as "lieutenaunt," is set under a plowman, Piers.
Churls and lords spring from the same seed, and 'the same deeth that taketh the cherl, swich deeth taketh the lord'.
For in charnel at chirche cherles ben yvel to knowe, Or a knyght from a knave there--knowe this in thyn herte.(33)
While historically once possible--the Anglo-Saxons use earl to refer to nearly any warrior displaying distinction (49)--class mobility should seemingly be even less plausible for Havelok's adoptive family in the late thirteenth century; thus Halverson's comment that such scenes comprise "a peasant fantasy of class ambition." (50) Under the Normans rank became more sharply demarcated and closed, and Godard's slur to Grim, "be everemore /pral and cherl als pou er wore" (683-84) [Be forevermore slave and peasant as you were before], would not seem extreme a century later: Richard II betrays the peasant rebels of 1381 with almost identical words.
TEXAS Steven Cherl, Austin, Westwood High School; Lisa Michaels, Piano, Piano West Senior High School; Thabit Pulak, Richardson, Richardson High School
Survivors include her mother, of Banning, Calif.; a son, Larry Clark of Eugene; a daughter, Maureen Clark of Eugene; a brother, Terry Ryan of Glendale, Calif.; a sister, Cherl Potter of Banning; and three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Such interpretive tensions begin even before we come to the tale proper: Chaucer's famous injunction in the prologue to this "cherl's" tale not to look for seriousness where one should not--which seems to refer to The Miller's Tale itself--makes us persistently measure the ways in which this tale does and does not pursue its game earnestly.
The fun and the freedom of human action in a fabliau told by "a cherl" argues for the separateness of its world with respect to the meaning of human behavior--a world in which the agency to change is not inscribed.
Whitney Campbell, Cherl Campos, Jaycee Carson, Daniel Carver, Sheena Castro, John Caudle, Michael Cheek, Bo Cheever, Levi Cheney, Jessie Cochrane, Jennifer Colley,
Survivors include her mother, Nancy Wilfley of Springfield; her father of Indiana; a son, Keven of Springfield; a daughter, Cherl Campos of Eugene; three brothers, Joe Sherrill of Salem, Forrest Nagel of Long Beach, Calif., and Mark Wilfley of Orick, Calif.; and a sister, Denise Raczynski of Spokane.