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[17.] Yanagimachi R, Cherr G, Matsubara T, Andoh T, Harumi T, et al.
There's a lot of life down there," adds Cherr. "Unfortunately it's not until a disaster happens that we try to piece together the impacts.
"Much of that oil never got to the surface, or ever could have gotten to the surface, calling into question the value of dispersant use at depth" argues co-leader Gary Cherr, director of UC Davis' Bodega Marine Lab.
When herring spawned in the oiled waters in early 2008, researchers suspected the fish embryos would develop the heart troubles known from other spills, says environmental toxicologist Gary Cherr, director of the University of California, Davis' Bodega Marine Laboratory.
The protein DEFB126 acts as a "Klingon cloaking device," allowing sperm to swim through mucus and avoid the immune system in order to reach the egg, said Gary Cherr, a professor at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory and Center for Health and Environment.
Industry executives pointed out that the deal was particularly underscored by the involvement of Cherr Wang, chairperson of handset maker HTC Corp., who has acquired stakes in Sino-American.
STUNNING: Cherry Dee in her days as a Page 3 model NEW JOB: Former Page 3 model Cherr y Dee PICTURE: ANDREW PRICE GLAMOROUS: Despite her exotic past, Cherry is happier to be around her family
Impact: John Lewis Colour Collection Lucia in burnt orange silk and warm cherr y.
Nourayi and Cherr y (1993) conclude by making the interesting observation that although STJ may be the most prevalent type among accountants and accounting majors, STJs are not necessarily the best accounting students.