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Yanagimachi R, Cherr G, Matsubara T, Andoh T, Harumi T, et al.
But embryos from shallower water were "liquefying before our eyes," Cherr says.
In 70 percent of men, you can't explain their infertility on the basis of sperm count and quality," Cherr said.
Nourayi and Cherr y (1993) conclude by making the interesting observation that although STJ may be the most prevalent type among accountants and accounting majors, STJs are not necessarily the best accounting students.
The producers of the new CD Eh, Que, Wilfrido Vargas and Cherr Jimenez feel this is a complete new rebirth for the popular group known as Las Chicans.
We thank Carol Vines and Gary Cherr of the University of California, Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory for their generous contribution to our project of Nematostella vectensis from Cadet Hand and Kevin Uhlinger's CH2 and CH6 stocks, as well as for their advice and support.
ALIC ALICE C + ELIZ +ELIZ E A Z CHERR CHERRY BL BLOSSOM OSSOMB M ODY MI DYMI O ST ST I , T PS5 PS5 From what's possibly the prettiest new beauty range at M&S, this spritz feels so refreshing and smells so elegant it's convinced us that body mists aren't just for teens.
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stouti show that acrosomal exocytosis of hagfish spermatozoa forms an acrosomal process, as is often seen in the spermatozoa of invertebrates, and that it produces numerous vesicles through membrane fusion at many points, which is also observed in the spermatozoa of many vertebrates (Morisawa, 1999a; Morisawa and Cherr, 2002).