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CHERSChapter Environment Resource System (American Red Cross)
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Back in January 2012, "RIP Cher" trended on Twitter - started when a Twitter user created a fake tweet, appearing to have been a retweet from a CNN account reporting the "death".
The fake message read: "RT @CNN: American recording artist Cher dies at 65 years old.
A year later confusion spread online following Margaret Thatcher's death, when the hashtag #nowthatchersdead began trending - with many users mis-reading it and believing Cher had actually passed away
Some males became small landowners while women left domestic service and the countryside to become unskilled factory workers; a few women who moved outside the Cher were able to find jobs as white-collar workers.
First generation Spanish and Portuguese migrants illustrate the presence of distinctive migrant flows within an ethnic wave; knots of illiterate Spanish and Portuguese workers established themselves in distinct geographic areas of the Cher, different from that of their literate fellow nationals.
What was the role of apprenticeship and technical education as important elsewhere in France as in the Cher in promoting worker mobility?
Cher's London chauffeur Harry Bird, 56, said: "She was very upset.
"They had obviously been apart for some time, but they had their daughter in common." He added: "People get the wrong impression and think Cher is a woman with no feelings, but she was distraught."
Singer-turned politician Sonny had a string of hits with Cher.