CHESPCommunity Higher Education Service Partnerships (South Africa, Africa)
CHESPCertified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional
CHESPCommunity, Higher Education, School Partnerships (state programs)
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At the inception of the CHESP initiative in South Africa, the Joint Education Trust (JET) reinforced aspects of this definition in program documents by stating that service-learning is a "thoughtfully organized and reflective service-oriented pedagogy" and added that it is "focused on the development priorities of communities through the interaction between and application of knowledge, skills and experience in partnership between community, academics, students, and service providers within the community for the benefit of all participants" (Joint Education Trust, 2001).
The JET definition of service-learning and CHESP Implementation Grant Strategy "places a strong emphasis on the partnership of the three stakeholders, that is the higher education institution, the community (local recipients of the service), and the service sector partner in the development and the delivery of the service-learning courses" (Mouton & Wildschut, 2005, p.
At least in terms of the CHESP expectations, the voice of community representatives was of primary importance in the design, implementation, and evaluation of each service-learning module.
A 2007 external program review of the CHESP initiative found that CHESP achieved its original objectives and is now located permanently within the higher education sector.
Whether or not the strong emphasis originally placed on service-learning by state structures, together with the prominent role that the CHESP initiative played, will assist colleges and universities in South Africa to "create an appropriate future within its social context" is yet to be seen.
CHESP and the scholarship of engagement: Strategies towards a universe of human discourse.
She was part of the CHESP initiative and has offered faculty development workshops both in the U.