CHEUCentral Health Education Unit (Department of Health; Hong Kong)
CHEUCaregivers and Healthcare Employees Union (Glendale, CA)
CHEUCliffside Helium Enrichment Unit (Texas)
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Cuma nha cre cheu. Rosto singular, Rosto so di sel, olhos sossegados, Olho madornado, pretos e cansados, Preto, stancadinho, mas nao de matar.
Wei Yee Teoh, S.Y.K., Chee Wei Tan, Ing Hui Hii, and Kai Wee Cheu, 2012.
Editor Cheu (writing, rhetoric, and American cultures, Michigan State U.) and 23 contributors provided material for the book.
Cheu, "Traffic incident detection using particle swarm optimization," in Proceedings of the IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium, pp.
Jimmy Cheu, International Liaison of Professionecasa Prestige International, and Avi Abroms, Investment Manager of Alpha Properties, were among the guests at Cipriani Wall Street who shared conversation over cocktails and canapes, along with treats from La Maison du Chocolat.
CHEU (SOEU): l if sold at Christie's (Sotheby's) in Europe, but not in Paris or London
The underlying factor which contributed to the popularity of saint worship was the Malay adherents' great regard for pious men, such as the sheikh or leader of a Sufi order, not only as a repository of esoteric religious knowledge but also as extraordinary individuals endowed with baraka, or 'blessing' (Cheu Hock Tong 1992: 382).
Cheu's Cinematic Howling, spurred by a belief in the transformative power of feminist storytelling, offers a welcome and original approach to feminist film studies and to cultural studies more generally.
Summary of ADF unit root test for parity conditions Sample Period: 01:1997-01:2005 RIP CHEU CHJAP CHUK CHUS [B.sup.[mu]] -0.678 -0.508 -0.723 -0.907 p-value 0 0 0 0 [ADF.sup.[mu]]-Stat -5.285 -4.317 -5.551 -6.72 p-value 0 0.0007 0 0 Conclusion I(0) I(0) I(0) I(0) UIP [B.sup.[mu]] -0.36 -0.50 -0.48 -0.08 p-value 0.0002 0 0 0.017 [ADF.sup.[mu]]-Stat -3.902 -4.555 -4.538 -2.413 p-value 0.0029 0.0003 0.0003 0.1407 Conclusion I(0) I(0) I(0) I(I) PPP [B.sup.[mu]] -0.994 -0.966 -1.149 -1.082 p-value 0 0 0 0 [ADF.sup.[mu]]-Stat -6.592 -6.952 -7.806 -7.56 p-value 0 0 0 0 Conclusion I(0) I(0) I(0) I(0) Note: Regression with linear time trend provides the same conclusion and results are available upon request.
World champion Lin Dan made short of Ten Chien Cheu 21- 8, 21- 17.