CHF3Carbon Hydro-Trifluoride
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Switzerland's financial regulator has said that it welcomes a CHF3.
838 billion or 21 per cent higher than that of the same period last year, but just below analysts' expectations of CHF3 billion.
17bn in the third quarter on the year before, blaming it on to an impairment charge of CHF3.
Swiss pharma group, Roche, has recorded a strong financial performance in 2003, swinging from a loss of CHF4 billion in 2002 to a net profit of CHF3 billion ($2.
Exhausted gas contained less than 5 ppm of CF4 and 1 ppm of CHF3.
In 2013, the Swiss bank saw its net profit expand to CHF3.
Switzerland had initially confirmed its plans to acquire 22 single-seater Gripen E fighters at a cost of CHF3.
This compares to profits made in the same period last year that amounted to CHF3.