CHFSCabinet for Health and Family Services (Kentucky; also known as Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services)
CHFSContinuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis (materials chemistry)
CHFSCochin Hand Function Scale
CHFSCommunications Handling Facility Service
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The weight of polyester resin and CHFs were measured before processing so as to determine the volume fraction of CHFs and polyester in the resulting composite.
"The executive summary of CHFS II proposals, which are due to be posted to every employee after 22 August, contains references to potential changes in work practices and efficiency saving that many have feared since the start of the tender process.
All cases of h are assigned the same CHF. To compute the ensemble CHF of the survival forest with B trees for a given d-dimensional case [x.sub.i],
As shown in Table 2, at baseline, the mean PSQI score was 10.0 and 10.2, while the mean ChFS total score was 37.4 for the Qigong group and 36.4 for the waitlist group, respectively.
In other words, a fatigue score was created by averaging individual scores on the FSI and the ChFS, whereby a sleep score was created from the PSQI global score.
The winners were announced earlier in Louisville at the Child Support Conference, which was sponsored by the CHFS Child Support Enforcement Program.
They must also go through CHFS's personnel selection protocols, such as a criminal records check and child abuse and child neglect records checks, as well as participate in joint university/agency interviews.
In addition, prices have been raised by a mere 50 Rappen to CHFS.80 ($4.80), and are low when compared with other European countries.
The recent collapse in their share price will mean they will push even harder for a dividend arrangement in the CHFS contract, to allow them to squeeze maximum profit from taxpayer-funded subsidies and passenger fares.
(KY CHFS 1998) Education and Work * 67% of respondents had completed high school or higher compared with 85% of American youth ages 18-24 (Health US, 2000) * 44% of respondents are working compared with 88% of American youth 18-24 years of age (Recharting the Course, 1999); 21% full time and 24% part time or just summers.