CHFSCabinet for Health and Family Services (Kentucky; also known as Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services)
CHFSCochin Hand Function Scale
CHFSCommunications Handling Facility Service
CHFSContinuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis (materials chemistry)
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The executive summary of CHFS II proposals, which are due to be posted to every employee after 22 August, contains references to potential changes in work practices and efficiency saving that many have feared since the start of the tender process.
The winners were announced earlier in Louisville at the Child Support Conference, which was sponsored by the CHFS Child Support Enforcement Program.
The CSE, part of the CHFS Department for Income Support, administers child support enforcement jointly with local contracting officials for all 120 counties.
The CHFS employment database was used to determine retention beyond the 2-year commitment and every year thereafter up to 9 years out of the program (for the first cohort).
The combination of the two companies allows CHFS to offer an independent, robust and institutional-quality hosted infrastructure built to meet all investor due diligence requirements.
CHFS and HBE are working to make current and potential exchange customers aware of the tax credits and premium subsidies that are still available on the federal marketplace exchange, for those who qualify.
CHFS Secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glisson said the CHFS exhibit will encourage fair visitors to follow healthy patterns like choosing nutritious foods, getting regular physical activity and regularly seeing a doctor.
This is an extraordinary and generous gift that will allow for ongoing, sustainable funding for the new provincial childrens hospital, CHFS President and CEO Brynn Boback-Lane said.
There will be a pre-bid meeting on the above referenced project Representatives of the Facilities and Support Services, and CHFS will meet contractors at 10:00 AM.
Representatives of the Facilities and Support Services, and CHFS will meet contractors at 2:00 PM, ET on 3/22/2016 at Bingham Building 3rd Floor Conference Room, Central State Hospital, 10510 LaGrange Road, Louisville KY.