CHGRCenter for Human Genetics Research (Vanderbilt University; Nashville, TN)
CHGRCentre Hospitalier Guillaume Régnier (French: Guillaume Régnier Hospital Center)
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To get a clearer view of the potential impact of BCAs on autism, the research team took advantage of a new approach developed by Michael Talkowski, PhD, of the MGH CHGR, lead author of the Cell paper, which allows the sequencing of an individual's entire genome in a way that detects the breakpoints of BCAs.
The services take place on various chgr business sites located in the following municipalities: rennes, bruz, chateaugiron
Issuance and delivery of restaurant vouchers for the compensation of the staff of the rennes chgr.
5 portable with handheld radio, charger, multi-unit, impres 2, 6-disp, na/la-plug, acc usb chgr, 3, ea, charger, single-unit, impres 2, 3a, 115vac, us/na, 6, ea
Contract notice: programming study mission for the construction of 80 full-time adult psychiatric beds on the main site of the chgr (pole g04-g06)
The purpose of this consultation is to maintain the elevators and mount the chgr in order to ensure their proper functioning and the safety of the users.
Contract notice: Provision of medical transports (Ambulance - VSL) and health products for the CHGR of Rennes.
VSL - transports de corps - transports de produits pharmaceutiques - transports de produits de laboratoire pour rpondre des besoins quotes de complment de l 'activit du service transports du CHGR de Rennes.