CHGRCenter for Human Genetics Research (Vanderbilt University; Nashville, TN)
CHGRCentre Hospitalier Guillaume Régnier (French: Guillaume Régnier Hospital Center)
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To test their observation, they examined data from the largest genome-wide association study in schizophrenia to date -- in collaboration with Mark Daly, PhD, also of the MGH CHGR who led that study -- and found that a significant number of the BCA-disrupted genes identified in the current study were associated with schizophrenia when altered by more subtle variants that are common in the population.
Medical transport of patients in ambulances and VSL, transport of bodies to meet daily needs in addition to the activity of the transport department of the CHGR.
Maintenance and ongoing improvements of buildings and structures operated by the CHGR as part of its business, as of 01.
Contract notice: Maintenance Work And Ongoing Improvement Of Buildings And Structures Operated By The CHGR As Part Of Its Business.