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On the other hand, District Education Officer Colleges Attock Mohammad Akram has been transferred to Kot Ado and Principal Government College Chhap Abdul Ghaffar Niazi has been appointed as DEO Colleges.
56 Since all the Sikh Gurus up to Tegh Bahadur who wrote poetry used the chhap "Nanak," the Adi Granth and other compilations distinguish the authorship of poems by giving each poem the heading mahala, followed by the number of the Guru in the order of succession.
As if that wasn't enough to get the crowd going, the lovely, innocent voices of the children of Farid Ayaz's family to set up 'Chhap tilak sub chheeni' with the line 'Apni chhab bana ke' came as a pleasant surprise for many.
but I did not say while joining politics that the fruits of my seven years of struggle will be handed over to 'Ajgar chhap' (python-like) Guptaji (Sushil Gupta)."
"Jab pictures chhap jayenge, tab tum log hi bata dena yaar.
Designer Chavan says, " My influences have always been local so the collection does reflect the fun life and times we experience here on a daily basis." Next up, Nida Mahmood brought fun, fervour and even the oddity of small- town street life in India on the runway with her collection ' Sadak Chhap'.