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The table of Chhe Ngima concerning full moon day and the night of full darkness of the moon is given below: S.N.
"Patelon no varchasva dubva mandyo chhe." Translation: "Patel domination is beginning to sink." I heard this refrain insistently while conducting fieldwork in 1994 and 1995 in Matar Taluka.
One cannot help but compare this to the heartbreaking story of Siet Chhe, who is accused of sexually abusing his daughter -- his denial, which is featured in the book's appendix, shows just how devastating this was.
Phnom Penh deputy governor Keut Chhe rebuffed Sen Karuna's claims.
"Vikas Gando Thayo Chhe (Vikas has gone crazy)," replied the crowd when Gandhi asked them what has happened to 'Vikas' in the western state of Gujarat.
Hoyo, Department of Biological Sciences, Center for Human Health and the Environment (CHHE), Program of Epidemiology and Environmental Epigenomics, North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh, NC 27695-7633 USA.
In the 30-page booklet titled "chhe mahine paar, U-turn sarkar" (Six months after,a U-turn sarkar), it has said the Prime Minister and his government have gone back on virtually each and every poll pitch "with a U-turn every week" Senior party leader Kamal Nath remarked that the Modi government has made a "large number of U-turns".
A Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive (CHHE) from American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) - Post Graduate Diploma in Accommodation Operations & Management from Institute of Hotel Management, catering technology & applied nutrition.
'Judge Chhe Virak charged the suspect with intentional violence with aggravating circumstances according to Article 513 of the Criminal Code,' Sopha Phearum said.
I guess it started happening after Shahid and Kai Po Chhe .
Grand Millennium Dubai's executive housekeeper, Tanya Vitanova, has become a Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive (CHHE), in recognition of her exceptional skills by the American Hotel and Lodging Association, renowned as being the 'voice of the lodging industry' with some 11,000 members.
Investigating Judge Chhe Vivathanak charged him and ordered the suspect detained in prison.