CHHICanadian Heart Health Initiative (est. 1986)
CHHICharadrius Hiaticula (LCTA species code)
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To test this hypothesis, the income GINI coefficient is regressed on the log of per capita corporate asset, CA, and corporate sector concentration ratio, CHHI. The result is shown by Equation 4 in Table 2.
Mean Chhi Vun, who heads Cambodia's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Illnesses, was a medical student when Pol Pot came to power.
63: tzhu pien [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] incorrectly Romanized as chhi pien.
Little wonder that the train, named after the city of Poona, is affectionately called in Marathi as Dakkan chhi Raani which translates as the Queen of the Deccan.