CHIASChicago Academy of Sciences (Illinois; also seen as CAOS)
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Obedient to her benefactress' wishes, devoted to the handsome Pao-yu, loyal to Black Jade, and generous to all the many Chia relatives, Pao-chai well fits her name.
Hsi-feng, called Phoenix, the efficient but treacherous wife of Chia Lien.
Chia Lien, the husband of Phoenix and the son of Chia Sheh by an unnamed concubine, an idle, lecherous man unfaithful to his wife.
Chia-chieh, the young daughter of Phoenix and Chia Lien.
Chia Sheh, the Matriarch's older son and master of the Yungkuofu, one of the two great palace compounds of the Chia family.
Ying-chun, called Welcome Spring, the daughter of Chia Sheh by an unnamed concubine.
Hsi-chun, called Compassion Spring, the daughter of Chia Ging.
Mamma Chia, Carlsbad, Calif., 760-624-8883,, Expo West 3012
Chia Pods contain one full serving of chia seeds mixed with fruit and coconut milk.
The Chia Co., New York, N.Y., 212-226-7512,, Expo West 4473
Slow cooked in small batches, with touches of brown sugar, cinnamon and superfoods like flax and chia added to create a variety of hearty, heat-and-eat options.
The Republic of Tea introduces USDA organic Matchia Tea, the first premium tea to mix fine Japanese matcha green tea powder and nutrient-dense chia seeds.