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In the 1800s, American Thomas Adams was familiar with the popularity of chicle in Mexico.
The congealed sap was not burned for incense as copal was, nor was it batted around a Maya ball court like rubber, but chicle did produce value beyond the pure addictive pleasure of moving one's mouth.
Existen diversas formas farmaceuticas de sustitutos (parches, chicles, atomizador nasal, inhalador bucal y tabletas sublinguales) que pueden tener una influencia positiva en el cumplimiento del tratamiento dadas las multiples vias de administracion [25].
This book provides an in-depth look at the 11,000 year history of chewing gum, focusing on chicle, the resin used in chewing gum, from its earliest use among pre-contact peoples to the boom and bust extraction industries of the 19th and 20th centuries and its small- scale use today.
The role of themexican state in the development of chicle extraction in Yucatan and the continuing importance of coyotaje.
La TS con chicle, inhalador o un parche usado solamente durante el dia minimizan la exposicion del feto o lactante a la nicotina.