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Tunku Ismail took to Twitter and chide the new Pakatan Harapan government for not being able to handle criticisms.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony the chide guest Prof.
But there were boos outside, causing presenter Davina McCall to chide the crowd outside.
Those who view them as dangerous fault FDA for not requiring rigorous testing earlier, while those who regard the implants as relatively safe chide the naysayers.
But it has also led him to chide politicians for not pressing for the resignation of Catholic cardinals who have covered up claims of sexual abuse, brushing aside constitutional issues of church and state by saying, "I want to see the big boys out of there for the sake of the kids and for the sake of justice."
Joan Walsh, news editor at, an online news magazine, was right to chide the president for emphasizing Day to bolster his case.
It would be pompous indeed to chide others for their moments of ridiculousness while ignoring them in yourself.
Harbour also took the opportunity to chide those within the Southern Baptist Convention who have launched an "all-out attack" against the constitutional principle that guarantees religious freedom in the United States.
The only consolation for Bush may be that if Al Gore chides him for endorsing discrimination, he can chide Al Gore for hypocrisy in pretending to be a true supporter of religious liberty.