CHIIChi Hemp Industries Incorporated (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
CHIICenter for Human Information Interaction (University of Washington)
CHIICentre for Healthcare Innovation and Improvement (Canada)
CHIIConsolidated Health Informatics Initiative
CHIIChecklist of Health Issues and Illness
CHIIContinuous High Intensity Illumination (retinal damage)
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This adjustment represents the expected per share effect of CHII and all other prior acquisition related intangible amortization.
Adjustments for CHII transaction, transition and integration related cost (1)
149) Falk (Making 37) reports, "the authorities, too, treat the mae chiis in ambiguous ways.
From Burushaski: chiis 'mountain', pfuu 'fire', burus 'curds', jakun 'ass', jarootu 'apricot', cheris 'root', tom 'tree', basko 'all', sak 'full', tisaar 'many'