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CHILComputers in the Human Interaction Loop (est. 2004; European Commission Sixth Framework Programme)
CHILCurrent Hogging Injection Logic
CHILCryptographic Hardware Interface Library (software)
CHILConsolidated Hazardous Items List
CHILCommunity Health Information Library (est. 1997; Lexington Medical Center; West Columbia, SC)
CHILCult Hill Innovation Limited (UK)
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One old gray-headed woman, long past work, but much revered as a sort of chronicle of the past, rose, and leaning on her staff, said--"Well, chil'en!
"She's deh devil's own chil', Jimmie," she whispered.
"Why--Tess!--my chil'--I thought you was married!--married really and truly this time--we sent the cider "
Chil, the Kite, stayed and grew fat, for there was a great deal of carrion, and evening after evening he brought the news to the beasts, too weak to force their way to fresh hunting-grounds, that the sun was killing the Jungle for three days" flight in every direction.
The deer, wild pig, and buffalo took up the cry hoarsely; and Chil, the Kite, flew in great circles far and wide, whistling and shrieking the warning.
is chil "W Experts are calling for a 9pm watershed on junk food adverts on childhood While of obesity.
One day, a man and a woman whose lives turned upside down overnight came to visit Chil Seong.
Infante had numerous nicknames: "El Rey de Rancheras" (the King of Rancheras), "El AaAaAeA dolo de GuamAaAaAeA chil" (the Idol of GuuamAaAaAeA chil) a Inmortal" (The Immortal).
Those most vulnerable include chil dren with asthma, liver, kidney and neurological conditions including learning disabilities.
It follows research which shows some chil dren go hungry when they don't have access to school meals which is believed to damage their education.
With the new Tizen platform, Samsung India Electronics President and CEO Hyun Chil Hong said Z1 will deliver a faster boot time and quick access to apps, along with enhanced web performance with decreased data usage.
These latest generation CHiL controllers offer enhanced features over the previous generation including significant expansion in the PMBus command set, substantial reduction in quiescent current to enable higher peak efficiency, min/max telemetry recording and an improved high-speed phase balance algorithm.